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Travel with 4 little kids Remember When?  A Lot of you may think-sure she goes with 4 kids, they are older-no baby in tow.  True. But here is us at Elephant Rocks State Park in southern Missouri with 4 kids ages 0-7.  At this time we rented a camper-yes you can do that-from Big Spring River campground.  We just brought sheets, food and baby items.  We explored the moving clear river, explored the area around and went back to take naps.  Perfect! That baby backpack was a hold over-we rarely took strollers, they wouldn't go on trails.  Here is the baby when your 3 year old brother is playing with side walk chalk and wants to put some on you!

Beach Trip with 4 Little Ones by ourselves

This Trip to the Gulf Coast-Fort Morgan Alabama.  Just 20 miles West of Gulf Shores.  We stayed at Gulf Shores Plantation and I mean stayed.  We didn't venture in to ride go carts or eat out.  We gave each kid a shovel, pail or cup and set up a Beach Umbrella and called it good.  These Condos are ver…
Road Trip!  Here we are somewhere between Jefferson City Missouri and Niagara Falls headed to Washington D.C! Driver is eating, 1 kid asleep, 2 kids on tablets and 1 looking out the window.  You heard right, 2400 Road Trip with 4 kids (all boys ages 7 years-14 years) and a camper being pulled behind us.  We have a top speed on steep hills of 45 mph folks and that makes for a LONG drive. But it was so fun as a family we can't wait to do the NorthWest and Canadian Rockies next!

We survived and thrived! We had some mistakes but I am here to tell you the do's of travel with kids.
1.  Have low expectations.  It keeps everything in perspective.
2.  Planning where to drive is not necessary-I am not kidding-we thought we were going 45 miles            away and we went 2400 miles over 13 days.
3.  Lots of snacks.
4.  Know where bathrooms are.  Places like Washington D.C. cater to the elderly so we knew there would be plenty of free water fountains and bathrooms.  Places like rural a…