Travel with 4 little kids
Remember When?  A Lot of you may think-sure she goes with 4 kids, they are older-no baby in tow.  True. But here is us at Elephant Rocks State Park in southern Missouri with 4 kids ages 0-7.  At this time we rented a camper-yes you can do that-from Big Spring River campground.  We just brought sheets, food and baby items.  We explored the moving clear river, explored the area around and went back to take naps.  Perfect! That baby backpack was a hold over-we rarely took strollers, they wouldn't go on trails.  Here is the baby when your 3 year old brother is playing with side walk chalk and wants to put some on you!

 Beach Trip with 4 Little Ones by ourselves

This Trip to the Gulf Coast-Fort Morgan Alabama.  Just 20 miles West of Gulf Shores.  We stayed at Gulf Shores Plantation and I mean stayed.  We didn't venture in to ride go carts or eat out.  We gave each kid a shovel, pail or cup and set up a Beach Umbrella and called it good.  These Condos are very reasonable and we rented a 2 bedroom with a queen pull out couch.  There were 3 outside and 1 inside pool/hot tub for the rainy day we were there.  We drove a mini van then, and would leave at 4am.  Carried kids to van, put in a movie and headphone for the 1 that didn't go back to sleep and headed 3 hours down the road until we ate at 7am and woke up.  The "short trip" for little ones is the best way by far.  When they sleep a lot.  We had 1 massive trip to the grocery when we got there and played on the beach and pool.  As years went by we stay at larger places like a house in Martinique down the same Fort Morgan, and eat out at Lulu's (Jimmy Buffet sister's place) and went to the city park (huge wooden forts) and took a ferry to Dauphin Island Sea Lab for the kids to touch sea animals. One year we went off season in November for Thanksgiving and they boys couldn't get in the ocean as much, but you can see they didn't mind the colder weather.  Makes me want to go right now! 


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