Floating the River!

For my birthday a couple years ago it was a beautiful end of September day and we decided to have the husband take off work and take the kids on a float trip on the Current River in Southern Missouri.  Float trips can be pretty crazy on summer weekends with all the parting going on, but during the week we had the river to ourselves, except for a Bald Eagle or two flying over us! 
With 4 young kids we decided to try and let the older 2 have their own kayak but bring rope to tie them to us if they wore out, and put the gear and cooler and 2 young ones in the canoe with us.
Well let me tell you the kayakers did not wear out!  The river was down and they floated right over low spots, while we were like a semi truck having to get out of the canoe, and pull/push it to the next water spot.  All the time the little guys were busy dragging their arms in the water or eating some sort of snack.  They had the good life!  We did a shorter float (4 hours) and it was perfect.  The water was still warm enough for some swimming and attempting to catch small fish in nets.  Then after, dinner at the local Mexican restaurant complete with birthday singing, margarita and crazy hat that all the kids wanted to try on.  I would love to do this every year! 


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